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Ted Bollard

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Butterfly Rubbers

Please Note That, Due To An Unexpected Increase In Prices By The Manufacturers, It Will Be Necessary To Contact Celtic Table Tennis For The Prices Of Butterfly Rubbers


Spinart. 50.00 each.
Tenergy 05 57.00 each
Tenergy 64 57.00 each
Tenergy 80 57.00 each
Tenergy 25 57.00 each
Tenergy 05 FX 57.00 each
Tenergy 64 FX 57.00 each
Tenergy 25 FX 57.00 each
Sriver G3 40.00 each
Sriver G3 FX 40.00 each
Bryce High Tune 40.00 each
Bryce Speed 49.00 each
Bryce Speed FX 49.00 each
Bryce 45.00 each
Bryce FX 43.00 each
Sriver 31.00 each
Sriver G3 41.00 each
Sriver G3FX 41.00 each
Sriver S and L 30.00 each
Sriver FX 30.00 each Tackiness D 34.00 each
Tackiness C 34.00 each
Tackiness Chop II 37.00 each


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